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Question: Obama was asked if he was committed to reducing our nuclear weapons stockpile from ten thousand to one thousand weapons.

Answer: Obama said he is committed to leading an effort to secure nuclear stockpiles and materials across the world within four years. To prevent countries from building weapons programs, he endorsed the concept of an international nuclear fuel bank, proposed last year by former Senator Sam Nunn, who now advises the Nuclear Threat Initiative. As president, Obama would provide $50 million to get the fuel bank started and urge Russia and other countries to join.

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Question: Dodd was asked if he would “take the nuclear option off the table” with Iran.

Answer: Dodd answered that he wouldn’t take it off the table because the American people are concerned about security and he wants everything possible in his “quiver.”

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Question: Romney was asked if he would shift spending from military to domestic programs.

Answer: We are going to spend only what we need. But you should not look for those savings to go for other programs. I would keep it in the military. We face so many new threats now, and we have to have a military that can meet them. We have al Qaeda. We have North Korea building nuclear bombs. We have other threats down the road. We have to grow our military. I want anohter 100,000 soldiers in the army. I want our navy and air force expanded. We cannot make cuts.”

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Statement: “Here’s my position on Iraq and it’s not on the one hand on the other hand, benchmarks, etc… if I were President today, I would withdraw American troops by the end of this calendar year. I would have no residual force whatsoever. What I would do coupled with that withdrawal, using the leverage of an American withdrawal of forces, would be to convene two very strong diplomatic initiatives, two diplomatic conferences. One, in a US-led effort to get the three entities, the three religious groups, the three sects, the Sunni, the Shia, the Kurds… to put them in a room and I would say, there’s gonna be a coalition government, you’re gonna divide up oil revenues, you’re gonna divide up ministries, cabinet ministries, there’s gonna be three entities in Iraq, based on the Dayton Accords. And what I would do is have an Iraqi central government. Hopefully that would be Iraq’s future political structure…”

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“The hard truth is, there’s no military solution to this war. Our troops have done all that they have been asked and more, but no amount of American soldiers are gonna solve the political differences that lie in the heart of the sectarian conflict. So, the news today that the Pentagon is considering extending the surge by extending the tour of 15,000 troops, the National Guard is about the call up another 13,000 soldiers before they were scheduled to deploy. All of this is just going to put more men and women in the crossfire of a civil war…”

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Statement: “The best and fastest way to end the war in Iraq is to adopt my plan which is embodied in H.R. 1234. It’s a plan to end the war in Iraq and it begins with an understanding that the insurgency in is being fueled by the United States occupation, and that once the United States declares its intentions to withdraw United States troops and close military bases, that’s the point at which we can engage the world community. We need to take a new direction in Iraq, and that direction is out…”

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Question: Last year you helped elect a new Congress, and thanks to your relentless grassroots pressure you helped shift the national debate about ending the war in Iraq from a question of if, to a question of how soon. Thank you.

Edwards: As you probably know I voted for this war. I was wrong and I take responsibility for that. Every day this war drags on is worse for Iraq, worse for our troops, worse for our country. We don’t need more debate. We don’t need symbolic resolution, we don’t need abstract goals. What we need are binding requirements, and we can’t wait until this President takes off in 2009. Here’s what I think ought to happen…

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