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– He would increase the military budget, from 3.6 percent of our GNP to 4 percent.
– He would increase troop levels.
– He thinks we need to be more alert and potentially responsive to the ‘dangers’ of a ‘nuclear’ Iran.
– He repeatedly referred to the dangers of a world increasing threatened by ‘Jihadists’


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Question: Edwards was asked if he would reduce our nuclear weapons stockpile from ten thousand to one thousand.

Edwards: “As I have said before, the shift must come from weapons systems, not from our men and women who are already underpaid. The answer is yes, first off in terms of nukes; the last thing America should be doing is building new nukes. We need to lead the wa in an effort to eliminate nuclear weapons from the planet.”

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Question on handshaking line: When you announced your candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination, you stated “The biggest responsibility for the next president of the United States is to re-establish America’s leadership in the world.” When addressing the audience today you referred a number of times to the need for “America’s moral leadership role in the world”. Do you agree that a way of doing that would be for the U.S. to take leadership by living up to its responsibility as a signatory of the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty, specifically in regard to Article VI, and, if so, how as U.S. president would you implement that?

Edwards: agreed. He stated that the U.S. should not be building new nuclear weapons, and specifically that he does not support production of the Reliable Replacement Warhead, nor does he support the Complex 2030 plan. (He did recognize both of these terms.) He reported that he would enforce the NPT by strengthening it with other agreements such as establishment of a new Global Nuclear Compact. At this point we were interrupted I asked him whether he would use the same plan that he had put forth during 2004. He replied that he would. I also asked Edwards whether he would support a nuclear free Middle East. He replied that he would.

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Question: Asked about ending the war immediately by cutting off funding–simply not appropriating any more money for the war.

Answer: He responded “you’ve got to have the votes, and we don’t.” He twice referred to the 67 Senate votes which would be needed to override a presidential veto. “We have to keep the pressure on the president by sending him this bill [the one with timetable attached] again and again and again. And the American people have to keep the pressure on the senators who voted against this bill, until there’s nothing they can do except say: “the jig is up with this war.” He dodged the question of not authorizing further funds, which would only take a simple majority.
In discussing his priorities, including health care and education, he reiterated his position on nuclear weapons:”Why do we need upgraded nuclear weapons, new nuclear weapons. We should be reducing our nuclear arms, not building new ones.”

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