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Question: Giuliani was asked if he would shift spending from military to domestic programs.

Answer: Giuliani replied that he would cut waste and that the Department of Defense is not inhumane to these cuts. But he stated that he will reinvest this back into the defense budget to add ten new brigades and increase military spending. He said he will not make the mistake that President Clinton did with the peace dividend of reducing the size of our military and not looking out for Islamic terrorists.

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Question: Edwards was asked about nuclear weapons.

Edwards: we should stop development of new nuclear weapons (he appears to be confused about the relationship between the bunker buster, which he mentioned, and the RRW). He followed up with reference to the Nunn/Kissinger op-ed calling for global elimination of nuclear weapons, and said, “That’s what we should be trying to do.”

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Question: McCain was asked if he would shift spending from military to domestic programs.

Answer: He said that in his administration any monies secured by the defense savings would be redirected back into the Defense Department and would not be spent on social issues such as health care.

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Question: Richardson was asked if he would reduce our nuclear weapons stockpile from ten thousand to one thousand weapons.

Answer: He replied that he would cut our number to five thousand unilaterally, but work with the Russians to get us down to none.

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Question: “Will you eliminate stop loss?” (stop loss is a practice in which the military keeps thousands of soldiers in the service for longer periods of time than the soldiers agreed on)

Answer: “Yes sir, we need a larger Army and Marine Core.”

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