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Question: I am concerned about security. However, I don’t believe that war makes us safer – and the recent National Intelligence Report (NIE) says that the war in Iraq has helped Al Qaeda to grow. What will you do to end the war in Iraq quickly and responsibly?”

Answer: (He acknowledged the NIE, but then went on to say) “I believe in a strong defense. The surge is working, and we should send another 100,000 troops to Iraq. We shouldn’t leave now.”


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Question: Richardson was asked if he would commit to stopping future nuclear weapon construction, especially that of the Reliable Replacement Warhead.

Answer: He replied that he would have no problem stopping the Reliable Replacement Warheads. They would cost thirty billion dollars, and why do we need them? he asked. He added that we need to cut nuclear weapons, and that we do not need to increase or modernize.

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Statement: Giuliani promises to reframe the “terrorists’ war on us” to the “war on terror.”

Question: “How can you say that it is terrorists’ war on us when the United States has killed more than half a million civilians and destroyed two countries?”

Answer: “They started it.”

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