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Tonight Mike Huckabee attended a house party in Franklin. A very polite and courteous gentleman, he was asked “Sam Nunn and Henry Kissinger have called for nuclear abolition. Do you support nuclear abolition?”

Answer: He would not call for abolishing nuclear weapons while other countries still have nuclear weapons.

Questioner then asked: will you promise to reduce the 10,000 nuclear weapons to 2,000 to comply with the Moscow Treaty by 2012?

Answer:  He would not reduce nuclear stockpiles because he did not want the US to become weak and be unable to defend itself.


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At Rollins Park in Concord on this beautiful sunshiny fall morning, Senator Obama answered a nuclear weapons question on the handshaking line.

Question: Do you support making new nuclear weapons?

Answer: I don’t see us developing new nuclear weapons, we need to get rid of the old ones.

Questioner then asked: so will you work for nuclear abolition?

Answer: I will work for [long pause as he stopped to think] huge reductions. Huge reductions.

Questioner then asked: from 10, 000 [nuclear weapons in US possession] to what?

Answer: Well, I haven’t given a specific number yet, but I want to restart conversations with Russia, getting our stockpiles down in a significant way.

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John Edwards (D) visited the University of New Hampshire at Durham on Thursday, September 27, 2007.

Question: As a recent UNH grad, I know the burdens of college loan debt. If you were president, what would you do to cut the defense budget, specifically the C-130 jet, in order to ____ education.

Answer: Those are two questions really, but they are related. [Edwards then spent the first few minutes talking about his “College for Everyone” plan]

…The things I have focused on are the F-22, a state of the art fighter jet, [garbled] spaced based weapons systems, as places to save money. [garbled] We can save hundreds of millions of dollars. The development of new nuclear weapons: this is crazy! [garbled] and then go to the rest of the world and say “you can’t develop nuclear weapons” while Bush is developing new nuclear weapons. This has got to come to an end! And I’ll go one step further. I haven’t heard any of the other candidates say this, but maybe I will, hopefully, that I want to be the president who leads the international effort to rid the world of nuclear weapons. [garbled].

You cannot control nuclear weapons. Pakistan is the perfect example. Unstable leader, Musharraf; radical elements in the country that have a nuclear weapon; [garbled] Constant conflict with India over Kashmir. I want to be the president that leads this effort. It’ll take time, it’ll take some real effort, but I think it’s an important goal.

Second question:  I believe you have the best foreign policy of all the candidates. I want to know why you won’t commit to pulling all troops out of Iraq like Governor Richardson has.

Answer: Because it’s impossible. It’s really important to distinguish between combat troops and troops. We have troops all over the world, but they’re not engaged in combat. They’re in Europe, Middle East, Korea, and Japan. This is pure campaign rhetoric. Everybody knows you cannot get all troops out, unless you want to close the Embassy in Baghdad. Unless you’re going to send Embassy workers to Iraq with no one to protect them. Those are the only troops we’re going to leave in Iraq, not combat troops not troops that are engaged in [garbled].

Questioner then said “Thank you very much for your stance on nuclear weapons, I really appreciate it” to which Mr. Edwards smiled and replied “you’re very welcome.”

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Free Speech?

While at the Democratic Debates up in Hanover, NH yesterday, we strolled around the downtown area with flag telling the cost of the Iraq War and what that money could be spent on in a more wise fashion.

There are 5 flags, seen here, which Arnie, Erin, Barney, Scott, and myself carried. We walked around the  Dartmouth Green, then started walking across the green when a gentleman from one of the media organizations came up and said something like “you can’t walk here with those flags. You need to stay in the free speech zone” Arnie asked why we couldn’t walk past the tent with the cameras and the gentleman said “because the flags can’t be seen on TV.”

So here are my questions: why is a media corporation telling us where we can walk? And why are signs not allowed on TV, except those which display candidate names?

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Previously, Rudy Giuliani stated he does not support nuclear abolition

I don’t think we should be eliminating any nuclear weapons while North Korea and Iran have, or may have, such weapons.

He maintained his idea on Wednesday while visiting London.

LONDON (Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani said on Wednesday the United States should spell out clearly to Iran that it would not allow Tehran to acquire nuclear weapons.

“The policy of the United States of America should be very, very clear: we will use any option we believe is in our best interest to stop them from being a nuclear power.”

Washington should give “an absolute assurance that, if they [Iran] get to the point that they are going to become a nuclear power, we will prevent them or we will set them back five or 10 years,” he added.

Diplomacy, my dear former New York governor, works, not bullying. I’d think you would’ve learned such by now.

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From our friends over at PrioritiesNH

Question: Sen. McCain took no questions in the formal rally. In a one-on-one conservation, as the event was breaking up, I said: I am concerned that our veterans don’t have the health care they deserve. If you are President can I count on you to reduce our nuclear arsenal to no more then 1,000 warheads and use that funding to improve veterans’ benefits?

Response: Sen. McCain “If it is our national security interest to reduce then reduce we should.”

Questioner then asked: if he would follow Nunn-Kissinger and reduce our number of warheads to 1,000.

Answer: I know you are part of a group asking these questions and thank you for your service and your commitment to the issue.

I asked: What about new nuclear weapons?

Sen. McCain asked what do you mean?

I said the Senate had just approved $66 billion to develop a new generation of nuclear weapons.

He replied that some of our weapons are getting old and we need modernization, but that it is not an either-or.

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4 Part Harmony

Obama’s comprehensive plan to turn the page in Ira has four parts:

  • Obama would immediately begin to pull out troops engaged in combat operations at a pace of one or two brigades every month, to be completed by the end of next year.
  • He would call for a new constitutional convention in Iraq, convened with the United Nations, which would not adjourn until Iraq’s leaders reach a new accord on reconciliation.
  • He would use presidential leadership to surge our diplomacy with all of the nations of the region on behalf of a new regional compact.
  • He would take immediate steps to confront the humanitarian disaster in Iraq, and to hold accountable any perpetrators of war crimes.
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