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On September 7, 2007, John Edwards spoke at Pace University calling for “a comprehensive new counterterrorism policy that will be defined by two principlesā€”strength and cooperation.”

The centerpiece of this policy will be a new multilateral organization called the Counterterrorism and Intelligence Treaty Organization (CITO).Every nation has an interest in shutting down terrorism. CITO will create connections between a wide range of nations on terrorism and intelligence, including countries on all continents, including Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. New connections between previously separate nations will be forged, creating new possibilities.

CITO will allow members to voluntarily share financial, police, customs and immigration intelligence. Together, nations will be able to track the way terrorists travel, communicate, recruit, train, and finance their operations. And they will be able to take action, through international teams of intelligence and national security professionals who will launch targeted missions to root out and shut down terrorist cells.

The new organization will also create a historic new coalition. Those nations who join will, by working together, show the world the power of cooperation. Those nations who join will also be required to commit to tough criteria about the steps they will take to root out extremists, particularly those who cross borders. Those nations who refuse to join will be called out before the world.

Eliminating terrorism will require more than “teams of intelligence and national security professionals.” It will require open and honest dialogue of the root causes of extremism and terrorism: how to eliminate poverty, homelessness, despair, and hatred. Until a world-society based on equality is fully functional, extremism will persist.


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On Thursday, September 13, 2007, John McCain appeared at the VFW in Concord, NH.

Question: Ken Roos, 53, of Concord, called to McCain, “Senator, it’s time to bring the troops home. Now.”

McCain passed Roos quickly, focusing on the next outstretched hand.

See the Concord Monitor article “This strategy is working”

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On Thursday, September 13th, McCain was asked about nuclear abolition.

Question:Ā  Sam Nunn and Henry Kissinger have called for nuclear abolition and I want to know where you stand on that. Do you support nuclear abolition?

McCain: I certainly support Sam Nunn and Henry Kissinger in their plans absolutely.

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Yesterday’s Concord Monitor had this LA Times article

Six U.S. nuclear bombs went joy-riding across the Midwest last week. The advanced cruise missiles, each packing 10 times the power of the Hiroshima bomb and each marked with bright red symbols, were mistakenly loaded onto a B-52 bomber and flown from North Dakota to Louisiana.

How do nuclear weapons get “mistakenly loaded”? Where is the oversight of nuclear weapons? Better yet, lets eliminate all nuclear weapons and such a “mistake” won’t happen.

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John Edwards, the lead contender for the Democratic nomination for president, “…proposed creating a new international organization to enable allies to share intelligence in the fight against terrorism.”

The proposed Counterterrorism and Intelligence Treaty Organization (CITO) would be based on what Edwards called the pillars of his counterterrorism policy: strength and cooperation.

“CITO will allow members to voluntarily share financial, police, customs and immigration intelligence. Together, nations will be able to track the way terrorists travel, communicate, recruit, train and finance their operations,” Edwards said in a speech at New York’s Pace University.

Edwards plan in combating terrorism is quite different than George W. Bush’s: the former includes the US cooperating with allied nations, while the latter’s is based on bully tactics and “go it alone” mentality.

It’ll be interesting to see if Edwards’ idea takes off. More interesting will be details of the organization: how it will be set up, how it will be funded, and similar good stuff.

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At the Republican Debates at UNH earlier this week, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul sparred over what is more important: getting out now or getting out after victory.

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Speaking at BAE Systems, a maker of weapons of mass destruction, Tom Tancredo had this to say:

“I believe we are in a clash of civilizations,” said Tancredo. “Terror is a tactic but not the thing we are at war with. We are at war with radical fundamentalist Islam.” Tancredo made his statement during a visit to BAE Systems’ facility in Hudson and told employees there that the global defense company’s technological contributions are being used to defend the country.

He commended the employees for their dedication to the nation and to the troops on the front line and stated that he had a similar dedication that inspired him to run for the presidency.

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