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Stephen Colbert has announced his candidacy for President.

It has become something of a television cliche: politicians launching their electoral campaigns on late-night talk shows, in a calculated attempt at hipness.

But a late-night comic announcing his presidential candidacy on a late-night talk show–now that is a hall-of-mirrors maneuver worthy of Stephen Colbert. The man known to viewers for his portrayal of a fulminating right-wing blowhard said on Comedy Central last night that he will be a favorite-son candidate in his native South Carolina.

Asked in a world-exclusive interview if he plans to give up his show, Colbert said: “Do you think I’m a fool? Now that I’m a candidate, you people are going to be gunning for me, like you do for everybody.” Not only will the program enable him to bite back at the press, he pointed out, but “you know what it pays to be a presidential candidate? Not well.”

Is Colbert run for the White House any different from when Ronald Regan, Arnold Swarzenegger, Gopher or Sunny Bono ran–and won–for office?


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