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Question: Will you take the nuclear option off the table with Iran?

Answer: [paraphrased]. Dodd committed to no first use of nuclear weapons and called for world wide abolition of the world’s 27,000 nuclear weapons.


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Question: Dodd was asked if he would “take the nuclear option off the table” with Iran.

Answer: Dodd answered that he wouldn’t take it off the table because the American people are concerned about security and he wants everything possible in his “quiver.”

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Statement: “I’m the one that believes that, as others have stated it, there’s no military solution at all to Iraq. We need to move away from this idea that there’s a military solution. I’ve felt that for the last several years. And so, I believe that we oughta start re-deploying this evening, and over the next year, we can do that very safely, provide all the support our troops would need. We need to have a finishing date. I’m a supporter of Feingold-Reid. I believe that we ought to have an end-date of March of ’08 to provide a year-long opportunity for redeployment.”

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Question: The question regarded the prevention of war with Iran.

Answer: Dodd acknowledged that Bush may be planning to invade Iran and said we had to keep an eye on the president’s actions and work towards cutting off funding for the war.

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Question: Dodd was asked if he would reduce our nuclear weapons stockpile from ten thousand to one thousand.

Answer: Dodd was unwilling to give a specific target for disarmament, but added that it’s something that the United States can’t do alone, but that he will do the best he can. He said he would like to someday see a world with zero nuclear weapons.

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