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Presidential candidates John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul respond to the War and Law League’s presidential questionnaire.

All presidential candidates were invited to respond.

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Paul in Bedford

Ron Paul Encounter: Bedford Village Inn 12-19-07  

Ron Paul spoke this morning at the Bedford Village Inn in a continuation of the Politics and Eggs Candidate Series. During his stump speech Paul spoke at length about the economic crisis facing the United States. While speaking about the Iraq war Paul gave his typical pitch to the unconstitutional nature of the war, the amount of lives and dollars that are being needlessly wasted, and also called upon his fellow Republican candidates to come out against a nuclear first-strike with Iran. Erin Placey, of the American Friends Service Committee, was able to ask Congressman Paul to expand on this allusion to nuclear weapons.

Erin: First of all thank you for calling on your fellow running mates to commit to a no-first strike policy. I would like you to speak a little about the connections between nuclear power and the spread of this technology in terms of the growing concern of nuclear weapons proliferation – and also our constitutional commitments to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty? 

Paul: I don’t believe that we should commit to just a not first nuclear strike policy, but also extend that to conventional weapons. I am for nuclear power. It is clean, it poses no real threat to anyone, and we should be using more of it. Government needs to get their hands out of the industry and let them regulate. Nuclear weapons are another matter. We are not following the NPT while forcing others to adhere to the terms. With the recent news that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 they are perfectly within the guidelines of the NPT by pursing peaceful nuclear technology.  Iran is actually following the NPT more closely than the United States. We need to commit to the same standards that we are imposing on other countries and I think that if Iran wants to have nuclear power we have no business telling them no.

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While at a lunch at the Merrimack Cafe in Manchester with Ron Paul, I was able to ask him his opinion on how to prevent war in Iran. He stated he, as president, would pull the navy away from Iran’s coast and enter into diplomatic dialogue with Iran’s leaders.

I was then able to discuss nuclear weapons with Dr. Paul. He does not support dropping The Bomb onto Iran. While he does not support total, worldwide abolition, he is in support of dramatically reducing the number of nuclear weapons in US possession.

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Ron Paul (Republican–Texas) held a town hall style meeting Saturday, 9/29 at New England College in Henniker. About fifty attended.

Paul depicted himself as a “strict constitutioinalist”, meaning extreme financial restrictiveness–basically, you are on your own, in terms of programs like assisting college students with tuition, or indigent people needing financial assistance.

With regard to the war in Iraq, he stated he favors non-interventionist foreign policy, so has opposed the war from the start. He sees the US taking on the role of international police person as a bad thing, and does not favor “nation building” efforts. Likewise, he acknowledges our intervention in Iraq as largely based on corporate greed, and big oil.

As to nuclear arms, he states it is a waste of our resources to maintain thousands of missiles. He would, however, favor retaining “some” as deterrent.

Asked about instituting a cabinet-level Department of Peace, he stated he had not made up his mind about that, but also said a “policy of peace”–his words–by existing bodies like the State Department made sense.

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At the Republican Debates at UNH earlier this week, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul sparred over what is more important: getting out now or getting out after victory.

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Question: Do you support nuclear abolition?

Paul: responded with a question of his own: “How many nuclear weapons do we have now?”

Questioner: “Around 10,000 warheads.”

Paul: 10,000? How many times can you destroy the world with that?”

Questioner then reports: In the following conversation, Ron Paul told me that we had “way too many”, and that he would build no more weapons, that he’d take the first strike option off of the table, and that he would talk to generals and other military experts first, “but several hundred ought to do.”

Questioner asked Doctor Paul what happened to the “Peace Dividend”, and what he’d do to fight wasteful Pentagon spending, and to end Cold War programs. He said, “Change foreign policy.” He added that, “The Military Industrial Complex is a problem,” and explained that they effectively forced us to keep spending on the weapon programs. He explained that we have created a powder keg in the Middle East, and that we need to end the Iraq War.

Earlier in the evening, he admitted that he might not be able to stop people from killing each other, but that he could stop them from killing Americans. When also asked about how he was planning on getting congress to support efforts to reduce the national deficit, he started by explaining that as the Commander and Chief, he could remove soldiers from and immediately start saving billions of dollars.

In explaining the problems in the Middle East, he included a reference to the recent 50 billion dollars in loans and grants given to a Middle Eastern country, and asked if it were necessary. He explained that the cost of the weapons means “big bucks to the Military Industrial Complex.” He told me that there is no peace dividend, because the war on terror was scaled up by the Military Industrial Complex, and explained that for the Military Industrial Complex to keep working, “There’s always got to be an enemy.”

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