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Speaking at BAE Systems, a maker of weapons of mass destruction, Tom Tancredo had this to say:

“I believe we are in a clash of civilizations,” said Tancredo. “Terror is a tactic but not the thing we are at war with. We are at war with radical fundamentalist Islam.” Tancredo made his statement during a visit to BAE Systems’ facility in Hudson and told employees there that the global defense company’s technological contributions are being used to defend the country.

He commended the employees for their dedication to the nation and to the troops on the front line and stated that he had a similar dedication that inspired him to run for the presidency.

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Question: Recently several former governmental officials, including Henry Kissinger, have called for the “reassertion of the vision of a world free of nuclear weapons.” What is your vision of the roll of nuclear weapons?

Tancredo: I really am a Reganite when it comes to that. I believe that you should negotiate down to zero. The problem is that you are … it’s a different world that we now find ourselves, and uh, different challenges towards negotiations.

You can negotiate with countries. You can negotiate the amount of nuclear a country’s going to have, and the stockpile they’re going to maintain, and you can negotiate that downwards. What you can’t negotiate, of course, is with a terrorist who is trying to put one together someplace and get it into your country.

…Negotiate down to the extent possible with every country around, but there may be a continued need for the threat, a nuclear deterrent as a threat, to a nuclear attack [regarding Islamic terrorists]. (39:28-41:00)

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