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Huckabee at The Barley House in Concord, Monday, January 7 (the day before the election)

Monday! The last day before the election. I think everyone is relieved that we have done just about everything we can, and that it will soon be over. The scene in Manchester and Concord for the last couple of days has almost felt like Carnaval. People demonstrating everywhere, and camera crews and reporters from every part of the world. There were many people who had come from out of state just to be part of it all.

I was looking forward to wrapping up the campaign by sharing the final day in the company of friends, with people I had worked alongside all these weeks. Many of them would be packing up and leaving for another campaign in another state, and it was a chance to do one last birddog together before we would all go our own way.

Mike Huckabee was going to do a lunchtime restaurant “meet and greet”, and having never attended that style of event, I was going to enjoy seeing what it was like. When I first arrived on the scene, the restaurant had not opened it’s doors, and a hundred people were waiting outside. By the time I got over to the restaurant, however, everyone had been let inside, and a woman was telling people that they had reached capacity and no one else could go inside. I said to her that I thought I would go inside anyway, and walked right past her!

It was not crowded, and I took up a position next to one of my fellow birddoggers. As we talked, we became aware that we were being eavesdropped on by an attractive young female reporter from Sao Paulo, Brazil. She soon asked us if she could interview us which we were more than happy to do. Being in a good mood, I even serenaded her with a few of my favorite Brazilian songs. I don’t speak a word of Portuguese, but I do love Brazilian music and can sing in Portuguese! She was very charming and we enjoyed chatting with her as we waited for the candidate to arrive.

When Huckabee entered the restaurant, he shook hands with everyone as he made his way to the area in the rear where all the TV cameras were set up. He had to walk right past us, and paused to take a question from my fellow birddogger. When he finished, I stuck out my hand and said, “Do you agree with John McCain that we should have troops in Iraq almost indefinitely, even after achieving victory?” He paused momentarily and answered as he started to move away that he thought that we should be able to bring them home at some point. I said, “When do you think that might be?” He looked back and said, “Soon I hope.”


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